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Your Timekeeping App for
24 Hours Rollers Le Mans

mollow::timing App

  • Convenient app for timing the laps of your teams
  • Pen, paper and stopwatch no longer necessary...
  • Easy handling using a single tablet at the transition zone only
  • Lap times and statistics of your teams at a glance
  • Live ticker for those who stay at home
  • For all current operating systems and devices
  • Continuous development with passion for detail
  • App user interface in English!


Easy to handle 2-Click Timekeeping™ at the race circuit. First, you preselect the next skater who is waiting in the transition zone (1st click). When the relay baton is passed on, you start the timing of the new lap of the team (2nd click).
2-Click Timekeeping™ enables eased and clear timekeeping due to the preselection of the next skaters, especially when you face multiple transitions of your teams simultaneously. No worries about mistaken skaters and lap times anymore (in contrast to ancient pen and paper solutions).


An overview of your teams as well as statistics of the last and fastest laps can we viewed by your skaters waiting in the box. For each team, there is a countdown until the next expected transition so that waiting skaters can move timely to the transition zone.


You can see detailed statistics and all lap times of your teams and of each skater on your smartphone during and after the race.

Live Ticker

Friends, relatives and colleagues who stayed at home can follow the race via your live ticker and share the thrill with you. They can follow live your transitions, lap times, simple team statistics and posts on Facebook.

The App in Action in Le Mans

The official Rollerblade® video of Le Mans 2016 shows a very small proportion (Display Box) of the old app version. During the last years, among others the following teams have used the app and have been very satisfied:

  • Rollerblade® Speed Team
  • Post SV Buer
  • SSC Berlin
  • Experts in Speed
  • ...

Technical Requirements

The app operates on almost all devices (tablet, laptop, smartphone, pc) that are connected to the internet. It requires an advanced web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or Edge etc.) and a current operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS or Linux). Since the app runs online in the web browser, the device needs to be connected to the internet while using the app.


You can use the extensive app for your teams at 24 Hours Rollers Le Mans. The basic fee is a one-time payment per race for the setup and usage of the infrastructure (e.g. live ticker and availability after the race). Additionally, a corresponding team package will be booked for each of your teams.


If you are interested in the app, do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to receiving your e-mail and will reply to your questions or arrange individual offers for you.